0 Mr. Arth Shah – UBA – United Business Association

Arth, is an Actuarial Analyst. He completed his Bachelor of Science with Honours in Actuarial Science at City University London.

He has an interest in technology, its latest advancements and how it can improve people’s lives. He also enjoys travelling, climbing mountains and writing finance related articles or blogs. Throughout his career, he has had a couple of notable achievements in the retirement benefits industry in Kenya but for him the biggest accomplishment was writing his first article on saving for retirement and its importance which was published in the Business Daily.

His personal code of conduct is to provide his best effort when performing any task no matter how small or big, with great simplicity, empathy, trust, integrity, respect and vision. This has shaped his professional life and his personal life.

As the National Treasurer of the United Business Association, Arth ensures that member subscriptions are utilised towards the benefit of members. Apart from this Arth is also a member of the UBA Karoga Networking Team, where they ensure that smaller member networking sessions are organised every month by the association, towards the benefit of members. Arth also heads the UBA Membership card project – The project is part of the UBA Vision 2020, and is intended to attract benefits to members from different companies countrywide.

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