0 Mr. Manish Ratilal Shah – UBA – United Business Association
Committee Member

Manish, a director at a leading general trading company in Nairobi, Kenya, an accountant by profession, having studied ACCA.

His driving ambition is to make various products easily available to all Kenyans, and especially the disabled, make their life easier. To this end, he has provided various innovative gadgets and mobility devices and other products to the entire Kenyan market.

His passion is being green, and has thus planted some forests at various areas of Kenya. Mr Manish enjoys watching movies and occasional reading for self-improvement.

Manish has been a past National Treasurer for the United Business Association. As a committee member, Manish advises the committee on financial related matters due to his past position, and experience. Manish is also the head of the UBA Karoga Networking Team, where they ensure that smaller member networking sessions are organised every month by the association, towards the benefit of members. Manish is also part of the UBA Membership card project – The project is part of the UBA Vision 2020, and is intended to attract benefits to members from different companies countrywide.

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