0 Mr. Neel Manesh Shah, BBM (Hons), ACCA – UBA – United Business Association
National Chairperson

Neel, is a director at a leading firm in the Oil and Gas industry and a consultant by profession. He has vast experience in different sectors of the industry, namely, Audit, Foreign Exchange and consultancy.

Neel has gained several notable accomplishments throughout his career. He has been invited several times for his input in various round table meetings with senior government officials on matters relating to the private sector of Kenya. Neel has also represented the association at various state functions including the President Round Table meeting for 3 consecutive years.

Apart from giving excellent service at the United Business association as a past National Secretary, he is also an active member of a community policing organisation, and has served in the Visa Oshwal Community and the Hindu Council of Kenya.

Neel believes that with integrity, vision and hard work, you can achieve what you aim for.

As the National Chairperson of the United Business Association, Neel oversees the entire functions and operations of the association and advises the committee on how to ensure that members get the best benefits of being part of the association.

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